Sunday, January 22, 2012

The more I look at the first picture, the harder it is to see the ombre, but when you look back it is quite subtle and nice. As soon as I got this polish in my Birchbox I was aching to try it out. Although I have to admit I was nervous about the quality, but I am going to be truthful and I like it so much better than Sally Hansens formula!
I painted my nails in layers to create the ombre effect, I quite like it, especially when you put the top coat on, it just really gives it that finished looking. Oh goodness! I have forgotten to give the name of the polishes! Zoya is in a beautiful color called "Kristen" and then I used Sally Hansens "Lacey Lilac".
What is your favorite polish brand?

Purple Ombre Nail: Zoya and Sally Hansen



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