Wednesday, February 15, 2012

   If you don't know about Birchbox yet, which you should ;) Basically Birchbox sends you monthly deliveries of high-end beauty samples to help you discover products you'll love for only $10 a month(free shipping)! There is also a amazing rewards program set up which you can read about the perks in my last Birchbox post.
   This month I was really excited, even though I didn't get the beauty blender, I am excited to try on the eyeliners, and I was also really excited to try out the Dermologica Daily Microfoliant! I will let you guys know what I think about these products as soon as I get a better idea of how they work!

See my January Birchbox: here
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February Birchbox!



  1. Love the look of this box, some cool products to try too! I see you live in the US.. (I miss it so much) A bit random but would you like to do a swap? there so much fun and you seem like a cool person.
    Let me know :) xo

    1. Yeah, they are pretty awesome! Yeah I live in the US!
      Yeah I would love to do a swap :) I always wanted to do one! (:
      I will write on one of your posts, just incase you don't see this!
      Email me at:
      and we can set something up :DDD

  2. Love your blog :)
    I was thinking about getting the birch boxes but do you find that the products overall very good or are they kinda bad most of the time?
    Come check out my blog if you get a chance too :)
    Shannen Xx

    1. I like your blog! I followed :)

      As for birchbox, I've only had it a couple of months but I really think the products have improved. The slipped into a sad time where people on YouTube where really complaining about the box quality. But my past two boxes I feel have been worth it. I have not tried any of the products and not liked them. I usually want more! :D and if you checked out my January box( linked above) there is an awesome rewards program.

      I would also check out myglam. They have never seemed to have a bad bag out!

  3. what is the rock liner?
    was it good?

    1. Rock Liner is stick-on adhesive eye-liners. They came with 4 different eye looks for you to try out. Basically they work fairy well, I was surprised. I don't think I would wear them everyday(it would be pricey, and they do take a bit of time, with trimming them down and such), but for special occasions where you want your liner to be perfect I would definitely recommend them!

      Birchbox did a tutorial on YouTube, check them out!


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