Friday, February 17, 2012

   Birchbox is the second monthly subscription I have, it is 10$ a month like Birchbox, but unlike Birchbox they have no awesome referral program but they have never had a let down box. I was most excited for the NYX Roller, I was worried I would get a bright color, but thank goodness I got ONYX. A lot of people are excited for the gift certifricate. But NuMe's products are so overpriced, I am going to ask my bestie hair dresser and see what she says about the brand, if anything I will just get a mini-straightener, so it would only be 15$. The chocolate is a win for me, and so is the face mask! As for the little samples, I am excited to try them out! And the anti-shine has never really been a problem for me, if it does nothing for me, I will just pass it along for a friend. 
If you are debating on subscribing to MyGlam, I would say go for it! It is completely worth 10$!
Unboxing video to come!

February My Glam Bag!



  1. $100 gift certificate?! nuts. The Argan oil from NuMe sounds amaze, I'd be spending it on that although I agree....overpriced site!
    I honestly prefer the US subscription things, wanting what we can't have maybe?

    1. Yeah! The only thing that kind of stinks about it, is that it only for tools and extensions :(

      I think it is that we want what we don't have!


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