Monday, February 27, 2012

 The love of my life, my new bag I bought from Burlington Coat Factory. The retail price is $88, I got it for $39, which is more than I am used to spending on a handbag, considering I usually spend 1-8$. But I needed a new springtime statement bag.
 Love the gold hardware.
 And it can keep me organized!
 I've been wanting to try this since I saw it before I subscribed to MyGlam, I was going to buy the cucumber melon one but I decided against it because this one smells SO good.
 Did a Rimmel haul at Rite Aid, I bought a bunch of things, mostly for giveaways, but I am thinking about keeping these three things!
 he's my little man.
 Skirt I got at Forever 21.
Crappy iPhone quality picture of it. I fell in love!
I also bought a cape at Burlington, but it wasn't projecting well through photograph, so I gave up, but it was only $5. I had been lusting for one this winter but the only place I could find them they where $50+!

Haul: Bits and Bobs



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