Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 "Frankly Scarlet"

   On my anniversary weekend I got to visit the  MAC Cosmetics store, it was quite crazy, I had been in there before, but it was much less packed. I think it was because the new collection was out. I think my total came to around $55, which seems a bit much for these 3 products, but I have been eyeing up Morange and Frankly Scarlet for quite a while.
   I am still honestly scared of Frankly Scarlet, since it is so highly pigmented, and it makes me look like a clown when I use it. I think I really need to play around with it, or take it in and have them show me how to use it without looking like a scary clown!
  Morange is my favorite, it is so vibrant and electric, I am super excited for it in the summer, I think with freshly tanned skin it will look beyond amazing. But for now I have been wearing it with a lip butter underneath, to tone down, but still keep the orange.
  And as for Luna, I am not as thrilled as I hoped to be. It is a creamy consistency with a bit of weird shimmer, not shimmer I guess, more sheen. It is quite pretty though, I just think I need to be tanner again.
  I guess the main conclusion is, I need to be tan. So these are quite summery products for me (:

Haul: MAC Cosmetics



  1. Im so jealous of the morange, I've been after it for ages but I'm yet to pluck up the courage to purchase it , I'd love to see a photo of it on xx

    1. I will have to put one up (:
      You should get it! It is so unique and lovely!


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