Thursday, February 16, 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils: Milk and Pots & Pans

   After I went to MAC, well on the way home. I decided to stop at Ulta and see what was going on there. They had buy one get on 50% off of NYX products, which makes them even more of a steal! I never tried the jumbo pencils, but now I am convinced they are a godsend. Especially the white one which looks amazing on your waterline, and as a inner corner highlight, well pretty much amazing for everything. I would not recommend them alone as a shadow though, they crease like it's no ones business.
   I will be buying more of these, they are just so creamy, I think maybe I will try: Black Bean, Peacock, Gold, and Purple!

Haul: NYX



  1. ooh I love the milk, it's a shame they don't have these in England. Do they draw easily, because I hate the pencils where you have to press really hard around the delicate eye area xx

    1. Milk is my favorite! They draw SO easily! I thought they would be really hard on my eye area too, but they just glide right on. I had watched a video on Milk on YouTube prior to purchase and she said she used it on her waterline. And I was in disbelief. But I tried it and I didn't even have to press at all, and the pigmentation was phenomenal, I have it on in a face of the day that will be up in a few days!


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