Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the title I think it may seem like this took a while to get, but in reality I ordered it 3 days ago, and I am just highly impatient ;) Pictures!!
 Because my bed sheets are so Sephora themed.
 The three samples I got for free with my order... pretty sure none of these are ones I picked. I think I am going to save them for future giveaways.
 Everything I got! Sorry Monika, I already took your stuff out of the box ;)
 My free beauty perk. I picked this because it was 60% off the full size, and the full size was around 60$, I think I might try this for a spot treatment.
 Free with 25$ purchase! I actually had a few minutes to try out this product while I was uploading the pictures, I like the coverage. I might use this as a concealer. Prime Time is light but nice and the baby kabuki brush is adorable.
 I needed a new lip brush, since I am going to be depotting Wet N' Wild lipsticks and putting them in pans soon!

 I'm so excited to use this brush even with my lipsticks! I think it will be great for precision!
 I wanted a nice taupe liner so I tried this liquid liner. It dries fast and it looks amazing with blue eyes. I think it would look really natural and clean with tanned skin.
 I have been eyeing this up for a while. Finally bought it. I really want to try these products before spending a fortune of full size.
 Favorite so far is the eye liner and the eye lid primer!
 Iconic Eyes Eye Shadow Palette from Smashbox. You may be like: "Andrea you have all the Smashbox eye colors, why more?". I need a small palette for inside my purse, and this is perfect with so many possibilities! Natural, or smokey!
 Swatches, I really love the brown.
Cute packaging! Small but sturdy/safe! May I add that the mirror is so handy!

   Sorry for all the pictures guys but I am realy excited about this purchase. Is it sad that I already have another shopping cart ready for my next purchase for Sephora?! Also in this order I bought 3 other things, but they are secrets! :)
I'd love to hear your questions and comments below!

It's finally here! Sephora Haul!



  1. I love hauls! Some great bits, sadly there's no sephora here in england :( I love your bed linen! Do you mind me asking what lipstick you're wearing in your display picture? Thanks xx

    1. :( Can you at least order online? I much prefer it to going in, the sales are much better online!
      Thank you! And it is Morange by MAC :)

  2. Definitely wish we had Sephora! nice haul! hahaha, got to love being impatient ;) xoxo

  3. OMG i LOVE your make up you have soo many nice products :) xx


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