Monday, March 19, 2012

Favorite blushes, from drugstore to high end!

Storage... aka VS box.

Hot Topics blush. I wore this a lot when I had red-red hair, but now that neons are in style I will be incorporating this into my spring look :)

Almays "Orchid(100)", I got this for a dollar at the dollar store, I love using it as both a blush/contour since I have such fair skin. It makes me look very victorian-esque.

L'oreals "Innocent Flush", this is really a very neutral color that I use when I want to look super naturale. I also got this for a dollar at the dollar tree!

Maybelline's "Cloud Wine". This was my first ever mousse blush, and the color scared me at first. But after blending out you get a subtile color, reminds me much of the Almay color above but more of a shimmer finish.

Elf's "Pink Lemonade", I believe I got this for a dollar online. I love the smell of these and it is a pretty pink shimmers color that blends out to a nice finish!

Elf's "Candid Coral", I've been eyeing this up for the longest time, but recently gave in and it has already made it's way into my favorites. I have been grabbing for it every day. Best 3$ blush I have ever bought.

Elf's"Heart Breaker" cream blush. I have just rediscovered this in my blush pile and have been loving it with my matte foundation! A bit pricey for Elf though, at 6$.

MACs "Frankly Scarlet", maybe not one of my most used blushes but one of my most favored and prized possesion makeup items. It is one of those items I have swatched more than I have worn. But this summer I plan on rocking it with simple outfits.

bareMinerlals "luxury", love this mineral blush, it is a very natural color on me, I think it would be even better on darker complexions!

Smashbox "Passion", my second favorite blush by Smashbox. I much prefer Apricot that is in my smashbox palette, but this one is in my purse at all times, perfect duo also!

Another new love by Smashbox, their O-Glow, I believe this only comes in one color. This is a half size deluxe sample I got for free. And it is really cool how it comes out of the package clear and then turns into the most beautiful pink on your finger! I also definitively love that a little of smashboxs products go a long way!

Here is my face today, bet you can't guess what blush I am wearing!!?
¡lɐɹoɔ pıpuɐɔ s,ɟlǝ

What is your favorite blush??!

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Favorites Part I: Blushes



  1. I had to cheat and read the answer to know! It looks lovely on

  2. MAC Well Dressed is my favorite. I'm such a wuss when it comes to blush and I only like them really light and sheer! But all your blush is tempting me to become more adventurous!

    1. Well Dressed is so pretty!!
      try something new :) do it! :)


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