Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random spot, I don't know where it came from.

I;m a sucker for cute packaging!

I was so excited for this all to come, it took about 3 weeks! But I ended up spending 25$ and saving over 100$!

This black is amazing, seriously, amazing.

I think this was 2 or 3$.... SO worrh it!

In my video I gasped when I saw this on my finger, I didn't think it would be so pigmented!

Love this matte burgendy color. The best part about it smells like MAC lipsticks do!

But it doesn't dry out your lips like MACs matte lipsticks do!

I've been using the Peachy Brown lip liner all over my lips, it is such a great color! And the eyeliner in Brown is nice too!

Love the packaging, not loving how thick and bulky it is though.

I've tried this out and it is not working too well with my dry skin.
I am trying it out with different primers and such, but I really think it is a good buy for $9!
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  1. I have ordered quite a few times from Hautelook and they always take forever! But I haven't had any issues with them other than the waiting! Great post :) That blue is so pretty!

  2. Love all the colours!

    The Fashion Skeleton!

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