Saturday, March 17, 2012

I honestly... am surprised... At how much I loathe this product. It completely sketches me out. I was really excited when I read up briefly on this company when it was semi-released in a sneak peek that My Glam put out on Facebook. 
I tried this product out immediately with high hopes. I guess that was my first problem, having an expectation. As I was in the shower, after I finished rinsing out my shampoo. I began reading the directions in the packet. First red flag for me was that you had to mix the two packets together. Which means there is a time sensitive ingredient in it that has a certain amount of time that it reacts together... Second red flag "wash hands immediately after use"... This is a natural product... I have never read on a leave in treatment that I need to wash my hands right after use.
So I proceeded. It was a hell of a time to try and rip the little packets open, but about 2-3 minutes later I finally was mixing the two together. It started to warm up, and then I lathered it into my hair and went on with my buisness. 
After my shower I was laying in bed and I started getting a head ache from the smell, I was also testing a face mask at the time so I asked my boyfriend to smell my face and my hair to see what the chemical-esque smell was coming from. Needless to say, it was my hair. It took me two days and a hair mask to get my hair smelling good again. And it might have been worth it if I noticed a difference in my hair, except that is was kind of gross looking, it looks like I over conditioned. 
Please let me know your experience with this product!

I recommend...
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque ($30)
I haven't bought this in full size, but I am on my second travel size packet of the mask($4). I am in love and on my next trip to Ulta I will be splurging on this must have! To use this product you take about a quarter size amount of product and lather it through clean wet hair. You leave the product in for 7-10 minutes and rinse! Two times a week and you are golden! Even though a leave in treatment and a hair mask are completely different products I feel that hair masks get the job done, and are far more effective. Also this smells great, and you get immediate results with little product!
Cute travel size.
Awesome for trying out the product!

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