Monday, April 23, 2012

 Here I am as a wee tot. How attractive.
 My friend Cory got me a crazy amount of Clif Bars :) YUM.
 Nick bought me this months ago, but it was an early birthday present. :)
 My friend Abbey got me a mockingjay pin. And she also got me the Korres Lip Butter that I wanted. So delicious.
 Yesterday I went to Philly for a concert Nick wanted to go to. As a compromise he said I can go to H&M :) I got him a blue v-neck because he likes their v-necks best, and they are cheap! And I bought myself this bracelet!
It's on the big side, but it is labeled as XS/S. I also got to see the clothing from FashionStar, which also made the trip worth while!

It is so weird knowing I am not a teenager anymore, and next year is the big 21! I feel so old. I also had a birthday party on Friday, and even though I changed the date last minute it was probably the best birthday party I have ever had :) 

Happy 20th Birthday to Me :) [mini-haul]



  1. You were such a cute baby.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Jess x

  2. Aw! Just catching up with your blog posts. How dya like the korres lip butter? I soooooo want a mockingjay pin too. <3


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