Saturday, April 28, 2012

As some of you may know, recently(well for the past few months) Monika, of moonshine, and I have been orchestrating a swap! UK to USA, and USA to UK. I had so much fun with this swap. It is such a fun experience, and I hope to do more with Monika in the future. And maybe with other bloggers too!
I was really amped up for the MUA products! (top left -> clockwise)

  • Heaven and Earth Palette: Oh my goodness. These colors... They are all with a satin/shimmery finish which I love for a natural eye look. It has every color of brown/nude that is necessary. I requested this, and am so happy that she sent it :D
  • Hot Lips Lip Balm: How cute is this??! It reminds me so much of valentines day! It has a sweet fruity smell, and a nice pink pigment.
  • Lipstick Shade 7: I love this berry colored lipstick! I have nothing like it, and my lipstick collection welcomes it with open arms!
  • Nail Polish: I didn't actually get to try this yet. But I love the color, it is so soft, but pretty!
  • Lipstick Shade 14 (bare): I like this color because it is a greyer version of a regular nude. I will be using this a lot.
  • Lipstick Shade 15 (juicy): Such a pretty pink! Great for spring! Monika you know me so well!
  • Blusher in Shade 1: I think I requested this! If not again she knows me so well! Such a barbie pink! Love it! Will look great on my overly white skin!
  • Blusher in Shade 3: I think I am going to use this as a blush and a contour! I love this. I am so addicted to dark blushes as bronzers :D

These are the other makeup products I got! :D Some of the most exciting of them all! (top left -> clockwise)

  • Topshop Lipstick in Innocent: I think this might have been my most anticipated product! I knew it was the one thing I really wanted! I love the packaging! I love the color she picked out for me! As she said, I have nothing like it!!!<33<3<3
  • Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COLOR. It is rose gold, to a T. It is a pretty deep rose color with pretty gold flecks. This is seriously the god of blushes right here.
  • Arch de Triumph: I requested this from her blog sale. I really like it, and I think it goes well on my brows, and the highlighter is very bright, so you can see it on my already super white skin!
  • Antler Necklace: Monika was worried this was too weird for me! I LOVE IT. I have been wanting something like it for a while now. And I wore it yesterday. Such a statement piece! One of my favorites!
  • Divided(H&M) Sweet Cherry Lip Gloss: How cute it this! I threw this in my purse, it will surly be a conversation starter :)
  • Benefit High Beam: I also requested this from her blog sale. I have been DYING to try this. I wore it yesterday and love love love love it!
  • Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba: I wanted to try something from the Natural Collection and this was a great piece for me! It is a very natural blush. I love it!

THIS BAG. Like seriously Monika... It's beautiful. I love the peach and the vibrant pinks and blues. It is gorgeous.

You know I love hair masks. I am so excited to try this one! I love Aussie products! I am also super excited to try the BB cream! And I have heard many good things about the primer!
Here is what made my nose the happiest.
I loved the smell of this. It smells delicious. "Honey I washed the kids" how clever!
"Godmother" All of the smells are so unique and lovely!
I am extremely excited for this. I love bubble baths. I think I am addicted to the products.
I am going to do a full review on this soon(I wish I would have taken picture of the bath when I put it in). But It smelled like heaven when I used it. And Nick loved it.
I didn't get to eat any of these, but I have had to watch Nick around them! They all look too cute to even eat! But don't worry, I will be trying all of them :D
I was so in love with these robot post-its! And her stationary! Too cute! :D

Overall I am so happy with EVERYTHING. And I want to give another huge thank you to Monika! I am so anxious for her to get her package! :D I will link it somewhere in a post when she does hers! :D I would really tell everyone to do a swap! :) I feel like I gained a new friend, and it is a great way to meet pesomeone else :D
Let me know if anyone elsople from other places and to gain new things while also shopping fore wants to do a swap with me sometime! :)

Unboxing Haul! Swap from the UK!



  1. Ooh, I'm so jealous you got to do a UK/USA swap! I wanna do one! :)

  2. Awwwweee Andrea I loved reading this ^_^. We will defo do another swap again in the future. I have probably said this a thousand times but I'm so pleased your happy with goal: accomplished.
    I have loved talking to you whilst doing this swap and hope it continues!

    1. :D :D I'm so excited for our next swap. I definitely want to get you lucky charms! :D
      I'm too excited for you to get yours!

  3. This is such a good idea, all these products are lovely so I hope you enjoy your little bit of the UK! :) (Especially the chocolate haha, toffee crisp is my favourite!!!) x

  4. The products are lovely. Wish I could do it too. Following you now. Hope you will check out my blog :) xo

  5. How do I never find the rose gold blush!! need in my life.. love reading swap hauls.. one day I will try with someone xx

    1. I think she ordered it online! I would say do a swap! It is a great experience! :D

  6. i'd love to do a swap haul with someone!


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