Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    So this weekend I went to see Knife Party and do a bit of shopping in NYC, as you can see from my previous post. It was so much fun. Ticket prices where outrageous, and water in a cardboard box was $10! But I would say it was completely worth it. :) I would do it all over again!
Kyla and I had a total girls night. Painted nails, went to tractor pull, deep sea face masks! The whole nine yards.
 On Sunday we took the Staten Island Ferry to New York City. 
We where huge tourists, taking a ton of pictures and videos!
The group! Rob, Kyla, Nick and I. Don't we all look so thrilled?!
 I picture of the city from the ferry!
 We got to the venue after a long day of shopping to see the magnificent view of the Brooklyn bridge!
 The venue was awesome! It was half brick stone floor, and half sand and beachy! It was so different!
Kyla! The views where the best!
 Bridge shot.
Taking "candid" shots on the light up chairs in the sand at the party.

 And the crowds grew!
 The actual show/rave was under a tent. But it was packed through out!
 Things got heavy before Knife Party. But once they started I was too little to handle the crowd of burly men.

 So kyla and I found a spot that was off to the side with fresh air and a nice view of the stage.
We settled and enjoyed the music, the view, and all the people we met.
And this is the after picture. After an outfit change, that was a completely different story.

Don't you love the city?!

My Weekend: NYC, Rave, Knife Party!



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