Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birchbox teamed up this month with Glamour for this "the senses" box! I really love the colors of the packaging and tissue paper, it's so pretty and summery. I always get really excited when Birchbox teams up with companies because they always seem to be the best boxes.

amika - Obliphica Nourishing Mask (Full Size: $40) (My Size: $2.00)
amika - Obliphica Hair Treatment (Full Size: $34) (My Size: $1.01)
My thoughts: As many of you may know I love masks and hair treatments! I have few that are my favorites, and a few that have completely sucked on me, but I feel like this should be fun! Though right now I have a ton of hair so this might be a once and done product for me.

Color Club - Blue-Ming (Full Size: $8) (My Size: $4)
My thoughts: I'll be the first to admit that I didn't use my last color club nail lacquer that I got in my previous Birchbox. But this I will use! I love the color. I did a nail test and it is quite opaque!

dirt. - luxe salt scrub in lemon leaf (Full Size: $45) (My Size: $.25)
My thoughts: I have been seeing this online everywhere! I love how raw it looks, and the ingredient list shows it! It has salt, a few oils and raspberry seeds! I hope it works, it smells so lovely and rich! Just like the price ;)

stila - lip glaze (Set of 3: $12) (My Size: $4)
My thoughts: I was scared when I first tried this out, it seemed very sticky. But then the stickiness wore off? If that is possible, it smells and tastes good! My only concern is the brush getting gross. I am just going to have to keep it extra clean!

Tea Forté - minteas (3 tins: $9.95) (My Size: $3.32)
My thoughts: I hate tea, but love these mints. And so does Nick, he has stolen three so far :) They are not too strong, they are very subtile, but do the job. I love them a lot! I may repurchase these!

Birchbox Exclusive - Earbuds (No Price Comparison)
My thoughts: Here comes the hate. I usually do not hate on products in these boxes unless they are seriously bad. But these headphones are the worst headphone I have ever used. Now maybe I just got a faulty pair... but it is so bad that I think I've gotten 1$ headphones that sound better. It sounds like you took your music and put it through a blender. Nice try Birchbox, they are cute, but they are not functional.
Box Overview/Thoughts: (Box Value: $14.58)
Overall I was extremely pleased with this box! I got 7 items! That is amazing! And with only having an issue with one is awesome! As I always say I highly recommend Birchbox! It is a phenomenal service, with phenomenal people, and phenomenal products. And their reward system is pretty amazing too!

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