Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    So this a small collective Sephora Haul, between when I went to the actual store and my recent online order. Most of my online order was for my swap with Megan though! I just picked up a few things that caught my eye!
    Nicks mom uses Philosophy, so I have always been very curious as to how great the products are. So the day I ventured past the makeup in Sephora I saw this and smelled it, and had to buy it. I was kind of disappointed when I got home to see Ulta has 3/$33 on them, when I paid $16 for one. But It was all worth it for this great scent.
     This is one I ordered online, I'm not sure why they still have Christmas scents still available. But I'm not complaining. I am not going to use this right now, I will be saving it for after/around Thanksgiving. It smells just like Andes Candies, chocolate and mint!
      I was in the market for something new for my face. I feel like my cleansers and soap are just not cutting it. I wanted something that was a scrub with a very light, small grainy texture. I figured why the heck not, it smells good and it feels great on my face. It gives me a nice deep clean.
     This was my freebie on my Sephora order for spending over $25. It is a Sephora Exclusive of Benefits Creaseless Cream Shadow in "Silver Spoon". Benefits Cream shadows are my favorite, and they are around $19, so getting this for free was a great added bonus! Plus, I love the color. Will be great for the darker shadows I wear in the fall!
    I have heard SO much about these on the interwebs. But I have never tried. I have been quite addicted to my Soap and Glory Body Butter though, so I figured I need to try something that has a less girly scent. And they one takes the cake. It smells like sun tan lotion, the beach, and reminds me of summer. It is also a lot thicker than any other body butter I have ever tried. It will be put to much use :) Does anyone have any other scent recommendations for The Body Shop Body Butter line?
   We are all girls here. I have a recent summer obsession with lingerie. Mainly from Victorias Secret. I also have a rule about buying things link undies and sorts, they must be good quality, so if I have to spend a bit more on something, I'd rather for the quality. I have had the same bath robe for ages, well 2 years, it is from Aerie, it was $40. But last time I was at the mall I had to pick up this hot pink robe from Victorias Secret. It is so silk and lush, it was so worth it, I can't wait to spend the next year or two with it!
What have you been obsessing over this summer?!

Collective Sephora Haul: Philosophy, The Body Shop, Soap and Glory, & Benefit



  1. You have a lingerie obsession, too!? Why don't we live closer!? I have this thing for Victoria's Secret. I use to buy the $10 off, no minimum, coupon on eBay and then go to VS everyday and get something for free. Haha, I'm addicted.
    I recently found one of those subscription service things called Adore Me. $39.95 for lingerie - top and bottom. And a buy one, get one free sale. I spent wayyy too much! ;)

      I love victorias secret. I should seriously buy stock in it. I can't even imagine my lifetime spend total there!

  2. Tha cocoa butter body butter from the Body Shop is amazing, by far the most moisturising and it smells so good! xo

  3. I want everything from your haul! So jealous of your VS Lingerie. I would love to pick up some from VS. Your tattoo looks lovely. I really want to try out stuff from Philosophy. x

    1. Thanks!
      VS is the best! It is my one and only love!
      Thank you!!! :)
      Philosophy is awesome! They have the best smelling soaps and things!

  4. I love all of the soap and glory stuff , especially the packaging xx


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