Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So it doesn't look super different in pictures, but let me tell you it is so light and fun in person. I am hoping that it will pick up better on camera. The process was about 3 hours, my best girl Bri did it for me at Evolve Salon, in The Promenade Shops
I am super happy with it, I feel like it really did come out just the way I wanted it. I am excited to get some product in it and go crazy! I think highlights and low-lights are really a great option for people, like myself, to add dimension to their hair without completely loosing their color identity.
Here is a before picture to compare!

Yesterday in general was a good day, I woke up with the power out, so I left early for my appointment. I stopped at Barnes and Nobel before my appointment and eat some food and bought a magazine. Then I went to my appointment, 3 hours later I was finished, and it was Nicks turn. Afterwards we eat a BBQ Chicken pizza at Cosi and then we saw the Campaign :) Great day!

What is a hairstyle you want, but might be too afraid to do?!

I did it!



  1. Ah it looks gorgeous , you're so brave .. I could never do it xx

    1. Thank you :D
      Yes you could! But your hair is beautiful as is!

  2. Looks so lovely! I really want to dip dye my hair lilac, but I'm afraid of doing it. Currently I have out growing blonde highlights, which give me nice ombre look. x

    1. Thank you!!!!
      I say do it! Especially color like that fades nicely and quickly!
      I love your hair currently thought too!

  3. Your hair looks lovely! I'd like to dip dye my hair pink, but I don't think it'd look right! I think I'll wait until it's longer and then I can just cut it off if it looks stupid:)xo

    1. Awe! That would be really cute! You should go for it!


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