Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here is my 5 back to school essentials. Though some of these are just for placements, and I have other items I will be using, in my opinion these are the five things I could not go to school without! And here is why:

Agenda: I think keeping a well organized life, either for school or not is important, and even though I am a computer-savy girl, I like to keep everything hand written for better remembering! I could not live without a proper agenda! I love these agendas. I am ordering one with next weeks pay! Though her agendas are ore on the pricey side, I can really justify it, because it is something you will use for over a year! Though if it is out of your price budget, or you just can't see spending $20+ on a agenda, there are many other options from staples, to target, to barnes and nobel, to walmart! And everyone has cute designs especially around the beginning of school!

MacBook Pro: Having a computer in college nowadays is a necessity. I take my computer to most of my classes, especially the ones where I take a lot of notes, or I have my e-books on! And really I type a lot better and faster than I write. So I will be carrying my MacBook Pro along with me everywhere this semester!

Wristlet: This goes along a lot with a backpack. But I cannot really ever carry a purse around school. I usually choose either a purse or a backpack. For days I know I don't need anything I will carry a purse. But for days I know I need my books and/or laptop I can't justify also carrying a purse. On those days I switch over my phone, and ID card/debit cards to a Vera wristlet. I still have mine from 2 years ago! They last forever, and they are a really timeless investment!

Watch: No way would I ever be able to drop a couple hundred on a M Kors watch, but I think a watch is a great accessory to have, even though I rarely look at mine for the time. But when I wear a watch I feel a hundred times more intelligent and proper than when I am without.

Backpack: Of coarse if you go to school you need a backpack. Some people get around with carrying a purse, but they are crazy. The straps on a purse are not made for books, and I don't want my perfume to break all over my notebooks and things! Having a good backpack is key, and if you get a good one, example: Jansport, it will last for years to come!

What is your number one back to school essential??!

My 5 Back To School Essentials



  1. I love the essential items you've picked. I love preparing for school by buying cute stationary and bits. I got a really cute spotty diary that I can't wait to start using. I also can't wait for my mac as I swear its going to make school work easier ! I love the watch, I can't live without my Michael Kors ! xx

    1. Love stationary! :)
      Having a Mac for sure makes school so much easier! :D
      And I am so jealous you own a Michael Kors watch :O

  2. Hi , Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! If you head over to you can take part!

    Tanice xx

  3. I want macbook pro book so badly, as my laptop has broken mouse. I'm loving your back to school lists. x


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