Monday, September 3, 2012

    I know I have been highly neglecting my blog lately, throwing out a lot of youtube videos, and I feel terrible about it. I can give you a list of excuses, or I can just say the simple fact that I have been so busy I am just worn out.
   SO ANYWAYS, I went to CVS the one day in search of the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition colors... still with no luck. When I stumbled upon this beauty! I have been looking casually for it for ages and I finally have it. After hearing essiebutton rave about it so many time, I can finally see what it's all about.
   I have tested out the colors, and worn them a few different ways on my eyes. And I'm ready to share my oh so positive experience. The colors are very pigmented and blend so well, not only together but with a few different shadows from my collection, and this palette is less than three dollars! Can you beat that?
   The packaging is not atrocious, but not the prettiest, it come with instructions on the back of the way Wet N' Wild suggests to use the product. It also comes equipped with a sponge tip applicator and a mini brush for blending.
  The pros really outweigh the cons on this one. But the cons would have to be that all the shades are so shimmery, I feel that with a full eye palette that at least one of the shades should be matte. And also the packaging being quite flimsy is sort of a con, but for 3$ you cannot expect much!
  The good makes the bad look quite small. The shadows are lovely, I feel they would look great on just about anyone. The packaging is easy to carry, and it is perfect to take on a weekend away. I also was talking to my friend and came to the conclusion that cheap palettes like this are great for travel, especially when my cheapest palette is 50$... I would be devastated if that broke, but if this broke, I would be much less heartbroken.
Do you have this palette?!
If so what do you think!
(I might have another Wet N' Wild Palette to show you soon!)

Walking On Eggshells by Wet N' Wild


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