Saturday, October 27, 2012

Find this kit here for $49.50 (USA)
    I don't think it is fair of me to give a review on these brushes. For some odd reason I thought they would be full size, that was dumb of me. Hahaha, but I was so surprised at how tiny these brushes are. After debating keeping them for a while I decided to part ways with these, they will be going to a good home!
    I think these brushes really have me excited for MAC brushes though, they are really nice quality and super soft. I really do want to get the full size version of the two larger brushes, I think they would be great for blush and then for liquid highlights. 
    Overall I think this set is worth the value. The case it comes in is SUPER cute. And you get 4 brushes that are of fantastic quality, and perfect or travel or if you are on a budget!
Question for you: What do you guys think of the new lighting! And the new lens!? Can you tell the difference?!

MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit: Mineralize


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  1. I purchased the advance kit and I think I might do the same. I, too, thought it was full size because it doesn't say anywhere that it would be travel size! I'm still debating because I like really three of the brushes. Might purchase the full size of those instead.


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