Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 Recently I decided it was time for me to visit the wonderful world of Walgreens! After watching Emily Noel's video that featured the new collection of limited edition palettes by Wet N' Wild I knew I had to get my hands on them. I decided to get 2 limited edition and one palette I had not seen around much before. Also if you follow me on Instagram you saw me freaking out about her picture on the end cap for wet n' wild! So cool!
The first of the three palettes I purchased was Blue Had Me At Hello, which in my opinion was the most disappointing out of the three I purchased. Though it was not apart of the LE palettes I thought it would be a great palette, I don't believe I have any good quality blue shadows and was hoping for the best when I purchased this. The pigmentation fell short of my expectations for the Wet N' Wild Palettes, the blacks where disappointing and so where the blues. The only color with that rich creamy feeling is that pretty silver color second down on the left. Overall if you are looking to get this palette I would say I would pass.

 The next palette is one I have been extremely excited for for a very long time. Drinking A Glass Of Shine is just a re-named past LE palette. I am a matte girl, and it is hard to find a good drugstore matte. But these shades are awesome. I don't think the left side it really wearable together, but might be good for an night-out or theme look. But the right side is very wearable and is a perfect place to pull shadows from to pair with my existing Wet N' Wild palettes. The only con I really have for these palettes is it really does lack the creamy texture that I love, it is replaced with a more dry texture. This palette has exceeded all of my expectations nevertheless.

 This was the palette I was most looking forward to, Sparkle Til Morning. I am in love with the colors, the pigmentation, and the overall quality of this product. I was really determined to find this palette after Temptalia gave it an A- on her blog! I am here to say I agree! The colors are totally wearable. i am really excited to use the left side surprisingly. Though I do not use many bright colors in my daily routine, I feel that blue is so intriguing. If you have a drugstore, mainly CVS or Walgreens, near you: I urge you to find this palette, you will not regret it!
Overall I love the quality and selection of shadows Wet N' Wild puts out. They are great quality, pigmented, and so wearable. I hope they put more LE palettes out soon!
What do you guys think??!


3 Wet N' Wild Palette Swatches



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