Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fabulousness: 5 Smoky Eyes by MAC (Sold Out)
What They Say: A palette of five perfectly coordinated smoky Eye Shadows that blend for deeply dramatic holiday looks. Highly pigmented M∙A∙C formulas highlight and contour with buildable colour intensity. Satin-tufted compact with demure black patent bow accent.
What I Say: Let's start off first by saying, I would never have ordered this myself (I will explain why later)... But let me tell you about my love for this palette! I have never been much for purple shadows, simply because, well, they are purple. But MAC makes everything so wearable it is amazing. I am in love every color in this palette, all of the shadows live up to the pigmentation and constancy of MAC shadows. My favorite of the 5 are definitely the three lighter colors (Taupeless, Satin Taupe(Own in full size), and Love Spice).
What a Pleasant Surprise: Back to the "I would never have ordered this myself" part. Quick little story... I ordered the palette for my best friend Bri for Christmas because she is getting more into makeup and these colors would look lovely with her eye color. When I received the palette the little brush was missing... No big deal. I emailed MAC telling them about the missing brush. They quickly emailed back apologizing and offering to send me a "new one". I partially assumed a new brush. But 3 days later they sent me a brand new palette, brush included. The customer service really surprised me, and I have since decided to buy more mac products because of this experience I have had. Bravo MAC!

MAC: Fabulousness- 5 Smoky Eyes



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