Monday, August 5, 2013

   Long time no see! How has everyone been? I know it's been quite a while since I have sat down and blogged, and there are no excuses for my absence. But all that matters is, I am back! Today I have a few products, my July favorites, to tell you a little about. As always if you would prefer to watch me talk about these products you can click here to be transported to the corresponding youtube video!
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara: I have never really thought I would ever find a mascara that would do such miracles for my lashes, especially at only $2.99. At first first when I popped open this little beauty I was a little disappointed, the brush looks nothing fancy and didn't look too promising. Thank goodness I was taught never to judge a book by its cover! This mascara is AMAZING, it delivers great length and the perfect amount of volume to make your lashes envious by all. I would definitely recommend this mascara for anyone looking for an inexpensive mascara that really works! If you want to see a before/after photo click here!
Hoola Bronzer by Benefit: I have been on such a bronzer kick, and we all know finding the perfect shade to contour and warm up your face is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Well today is a fair skinned girls lucky day: Hoola. This bronzer is the perfect shade for me, perrrrfect. Compared to many other bronzers I have collected it is quite light in color which makes it very build-able. I find it super easy to contour with this and then use it just to warm up my temples. I would recommend this bronzer to anyone with fair skin, it really works miracles!
Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub: Lush should have been called Lust. I have been dying for the perfect lip scrub since before I can even remember. I have tried some high end brands (fresh) and a few drugstore (elf) AND I have even went as far as to try multiple DIY recipes, but nothing could add up to the wonders that this little glass jar brings. First of all let's talk about how good it tastes, I have to stop myself from licking it all off my lips before I can even start scrubbing! My lips feel amazing after a good scrub and it makes applying lipstick so much easier! Goodbye flaky lips! Hello Popcorn scrub!
For more of my favorites check out my "July Favorites" YouTube video
And I pinky swear you will be hearing from me again soon! Until then :)

July Favorites: Lush, Benefit, Jordana...



  1. Great photos! Hoola seems a bit scary to me as I have a light skin tone, but I would like to try it.

    Beauty Inside Art

  2. I've always wondered what the Popcorn scrub tastes like. Everyone says it's so yummy xx

  3. Great faves, that popcorn scrub sounds like something I would love! And I'm always looking for a great cheapie mascara, I've been hearing a lot of great things about Jordana lately!

  4. I purchased the Popcorn scrub when I used up my Bubblegum one and I'm not a big fan of the taste! I LOVED the Bubblegum one and will order that one forever and ever. Lush makes the best lip scrubs!! :)

  5. Some seriously lovely products. I'm loving the Lush lip scrub, I've got the Bubblegum flavour.

    Lindsey. x


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