Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey hey hey guys! Hope you all are doing well! Today me and my best friend Bri filmed a video for my YouTube channel! We decided to do the 3 Minute Makeup Challenge, it is something I always wanted to do, but just never got around to it. So when we decided to film I thought it would be an extra fun thing to film together! To give you a little preview summary Bri used like 3 products and looked amazing and was super calm and I was trying to narrow it down to one bronzer and freaking out! I plan to do more videos with Bri in the future! And can I also say that the lighting at her house was phenomenal, so jealous. Hope you enjoy!

3 Minute Makeup Challenge (with Bri!)


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  1. You did a good job using so many products in such a short space of time lol! I liked the contrast between you and Bri :p Somehow time seemed to be passing by much quicker for one of you ;) The end result for both was really well done given the time constraints - I think I would've failed spectacularly haha


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