Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obviously it would't be normal if one went into Ulta and left with only what they had intended. I had set into the great land of many treasures for a pencil sharpener that would fit some of my bigger pencils. When I finally found this said item and saw the brand was on Buy One, Get One 50% off... well I obviously had to indulge :)

‣ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | in Monte Carlo & Milan (link) I have been itching to try these for a while. Not only am I a sucker for a matte lip product, but I am a sucker for one that smells amazing. I am really very happy with my color choices as well. You can never go wrong with a gorgeous deep berry red and a mid-toned blue-toned pink!
‣ NYX Wonder Pencil | in Light (link) I have been obsessed with nude pencils lately. I just picked the much loved Rimmel Scadaleyes in Nude, and I have ben abusing it. This one I majorly got to try out around my lips to get that nice sharp line!
‣ NYX Sharpener (link) I am so happy this has come into my life. I have 3 sharpeners at home and none of them could fit any of my jumbo pencils! I tried even getting a knife and whittling a point out of one and I broke down and told myself I needed to buy a sharpener that can do that job. Today is the day! As soon as I got home I sharpened everything, it works perfectly!

In other news: Maybe some of you have noticed but I have been having a hell of a time with my blog this week. Is anyone else? I never had much trouble with blogger until the past 2-3 weeks. First it was my blog posts where not showing up (broken RSS feed), then my comments where not showing up (Google + hated me), then my RSS feed wasn't showing images. I had a moment where I considered starting over and joining wordpress but for now everything is in order. What a week!

NYX Haul



  1. I love the NYX Cream lip colours! They are so pigmented!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. I love everything from NYX!! I recently indulged and bought a ton of their products since they aren't sold in stores where I live...great buys! :)

  3. Great haul! I love the Soft Matte lip creams and I want to give the Wonder Pencil a try x

  4. Those matte lip creams look nice! Definitely need to look into trying a few of those.

  5. I want to try the wonder pencil as a liner!! I usually use white, but feel the wonder pencil would give a much more natural, less intense look.. especially for the days I want to wear the barely there makeup looks. And those matte lip creams have always intrigued me! That pink looks gorgeous!

  6. i absolutely adore NYX and always buying a lot when cherry culture has a nyx sale. finding them in canada is not always easy and the mark up in price is just crazy. i have a few of the soft matte lip creams and think they're quite great. glad you're going to try a few.

    A Beautiful Zen


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