Friday, October 11, 2013

I don't know if you are anything like me, but I am completely addicted to Instagram. I don't know what it is, possibly because I am just a really visual person, but there is nothing more enjoyable than posting random pictures of my breakfast for you. Or scrolling down the immense about of beauty related pictures on my dashboard. Here are just a couple of pictures from the past week(s), I am thinking about doing this more often just to talk a little bit more about the pictures, a little bit more of a personal touch on my blog! :) Hope you enjoy!

(left to right)
‣ NEW PART OF THE FAMILY, Nick's brother got a cute new puppy, his name is Edgar! He is so cute, he has a lot more energy than hugo though... We are babysitting him for a couple days next week, so I'm sure my Instagram will be blowing up with cute puppy pix.
‣ We have all heard of spring cleaning, well I get that same feeling for about every season. Nick makes fun of me because for the most part I focus on my beauty sanctuary, but that IS where I spend most of my time!
‣ A small moment to cry because Bath and Body Works didn't bring back Cinnamon Sugared Donut... What where they thinking...
‣ Who doesn't love that feeling of just cleaned brushes. I had been slacking for a while, which is pretty gross to admit... But lately I have been obsessed with deep cleaning weekly and spot cleaning daily. Not only is it just cleaner overall, it helps to not have left over green eyeshadow on your 217 ruining your neutral smokey eye.
‣ Tis that time of they year... PUMPKIN OBSESSION TIME. Every year around this time I just crave the small of pumpkins. I want them on my hands, in the air, on my body, and in the air. I just cannot get enough. BRB going to go grab some Pumpkin Ice Cream.
‣ Wouldn't be complete with a selfie! One of my studio lights broke so I took out the bulbs and put it in our florr lamp. So now when I want a perfectly lit selfie I just click on my lamp and whaaalaaaa!
‣ Well two selfies are better than one? This was me mid putting on my makeup. I never notice how much hair I have until the morning when it is pretty much a birds nest. Random Fact: the heart bokeh on the right is covering Nick photobombing me!
‣ My baby Hugo. It's so weird to think he almost 2 1/2, he is getting to be such a little man! He is seriously the perfect dog, he sleeps 22 hours of the day and cries the rest of the day unless you cuddle him. After I finish this post we are going to cuddle and watch Revolution, which is the show I am currently obsessing over!
‣ Last but not least. I cannot wait to do another makeup collection/storage video for my YouTube channel. I keep all of my products in my Alex 9 Drawer but I keep my "everyday face" products in my MUJI 2 Drawer. These there the face products I will be abusing this week!

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  1. Oh my goodness, cute puppy overload! You should check out my instagram (TheTaylorJanae) I post pictures of my puppies a lot, haha.

  2. Instagram can be very additive. I love your pics. Check out mine @cindymadrid08


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