Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I wrote out a whole review telling you guys the good the bad and the ugly... and then I did the classic "command" + "a" and "delete". To be completely and entirely honest I am on the fence about this palette in every way. I am torn between minor cosmetic blemishes and amazing extras (double sided brush and primer potion samples), six shadows shadows that make me go "eh" and 6 other shadows that make me go "oooooooh!". There is a giant mixture of good and bad. I think the main problem is that Urban Decay has set such a bar for their eyeshadows, I have this sort of expectation of what my palettes from them should look like, feel like, and perform like. 
I am not in love with this palette, and I don't hate this palette. I am in a neutral zone. I am going to play around with the palette some more and hopefully the first six shadows grow on me! I will let you guys know! If you want to hear a little bit more about my first impressions and see more close up shots of this palette you can check out the unboxing video I did here⤵

Urban Decay Naked 3 | Swatches, First Impressions, & Video


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  1. I feel similar to you - the last 6 shadows are STELLAR! LOVE! Pure 100% lurvies! But the first 6 aren't really my jam, thus far.


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