Friday, January 10, 2014

   Today I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my 13 favorite YouTubers of 2013! These are just a few of my favorites and the ones I found myself watching the most in the past year. I hope you guys can check out these lovely ladies because if they are all extremely talented and I love watching each and every one of them! ALSO please leave me your favorite YouTubers in the comments so I can check them out also!

One of my most favorite YouTubers, and one of my great friends on YouTube is Kirsten! She is a Sephora employee who does a ton of beauty videos and is always mixing it up with fashion videos and tags! Her and her boyfriend, Brian, also have a really awesome Vlog channel together!
YouTube:  kmoneykmoneykmoney
Twitter:  kirstenleighty
Instagram: kirstenleighty

Elisha is one of newest favorites! She is sweet as pie and she makes amazing videos mostly about beauty but she also mixes it up quite a bit, check out this Lookbook feat. her daughter! If you love watching someone with a lot of great energy and spirit she is your girl! 
YouTube: chicachew Vlog Channel: chicachewtv
Twitter: chicachew
Instagram: chicachew
Facebook: Chicachew

You all know my love for Kalyn by now, but I will remind you if you forgot! This girl is amazing, she is super adorable and has amazing beauty and fashion sense! She has been on a mini hiatus but check out her backlog of videos, you will love them I am sure! 
YouTube: TheKalynTheory 
Twitter: TheKalynTheory
Instagram: kkalynn

I recently discovered Katie of AllTheFresh! But she has quickly become one of my favorites! Her video quality is amazing and she has such a visible passion for what she is talking about. She is also amazing with DIYs, I have actually made a couple of her ideas!
YouTube: AllThatFresh
Twitter: AllThatFresh
Instagram: allthatfresh

Sandra is another new favorite! I found her from her blog, which like her youtube is of amazing quality and she is very knowledgable in beauty! She also mixes it up quite a bit, I enjoy her tag videos very much!
YouTube: SBeauty101
Twitter: SBeauty101
Instagram: thesbeauty101

Next is Leah! She is gorgeous and her makeup is always so spot on! She has an amazing Bath and Body Works collection that always makes me so jealous! And some of my favorite hauls to watch are hers! She is super enthusiastic and she is someone who you just want to keep watching! 
YouTube: discotasticc
Twitter: discotasticc
Instagram: discotasticc

Brianna is a natural makeup/skincare/body YouTuber! Her video quality is always perfect and I really enjoy watching her videos and learning about all the different natural beauty options && she has her very own natural makeup brand: brija cosmetics!
YouTube: iluvjesse444
Twitter: iluvjesse444
Facebook: Iluvjesse444

Melissa Raymond
You probably already are subscribed to the lovely Melmphs but if you aren't then you really need to check her out! She is hilarious and full of such a great energy that I enjoy watching! She puts up videos almost every day and they are always really informative and fun! 
YouTube: Melmphs
Twitter: melmphs
Instagram: melmphs
Facebook: Melmphs

Dani is a newer YouTuber who has gained quite the audience with her positive attitude and her amazing beauty videos. I look forward to her videos that she puts out five days and a week: for her tips, her humor & her beauty knowledge!
YouTube: CoffeeBreakwithDani
Twitter: danielapmeza
Instagram: coffeebreakwithdani
Facebook: coffeebreakwithdani

Leighann is another YouTuber that I have been watching for a very long time! I actually met her at last years NYC IMATS, she is just as gorgeous and friendly in person! She draws you in with her bubbly personality and her candid honesty! One of my all time favorites!
YouTube: leighannsays
Twitter: leighannsays
Instagram: leighannsays
Facebook: leighannsays

Another long time love right here! Tiffany puts out quality beauty videos, and mixes it up with fashion videos and tags! She is someone who knows what she is talking about with a long time love of all things beauty!
YouTube: MakeupByTiffanyD
Twitter: tiffanyld
Instagram: makeupbytiffanyd
Facebook: MakeupByTiffanyD

Unlike the rest who are beauty YouTubers, Jen does video on Organizing. Whether it is organizing your closet, travel items, planner, or even your holiday planning she has got you covered! 
YouTube: organizedlikejen
Twitter: organizedjen
Instagram: organizedjen
Facebook: OrganizedJen

Last but certainly not least Andréa! She does amazing beauty videos, she really knows her stuff! Some of my faovrite videos she creates are her hauls, her tutorials and her favorites! She is also one of the creators of Tille Polish, which I have reviewed and love!
YouTube: AndreaMatillano
Twitter: andreamatillano
Instagram: andreamatillano
Facebook: AndreaMatillano

Let me know your favorite YouTubers in the comments below!

My TOP 13 YouTubers of 2013!



  1. Dulcecandy87 is amazing!
    emilynoel83 is a great product reviewer, she does everything on her channel!
    Shaaanxo is amazing as well, she goes great grwm videos!
    Jessica Harlow of course! :)
    And so many more! I think I'm going to do a post like this on my blog, its amazing way to get your favorites out there!

    Krystal || Little Beauty Bug <3

  2. You are just the sweetest! Thank you so much for including me! This seriously made my day. I love you and your videos so much! So glad we discovered each other this year! <3

  3. I also love coffeebreakwithdani! Check out my other faves JenLuvReviews, KathleenLights, crystalis007, emilynoel83, and JAMBeauty89 :)


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