Thursday, March 27, 2014

   You may be thinking, "Alright Andrea, was that post title completely necessary?", and I say "YES!". As I am sitting here procrastinating (what's new), I started to twirl my hair and immediately I remembered what I have been dying to blog about: the Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner.  If you watch my YouTube videos you may already know about my recent new found love in hair care! And if not, well get ready for a product RAVE!
   To start of first I was sent this product, but that does not at all sway my opinion. Honesty is my number one policy! Sometimes I actually feel the products I am sent I have a bit higher of a standard for them to reach. But anywhoo! Let's start with a story! The other day I went to work and two people asked me if I had done something different with my hair, one even when further to ask if I had just gotten it done before work. That is what this product does for me. Not only does the formula leave your hair shiny and silky, it leaves your hair looking like a million bucks!
   I don't have much bad to say about these products, I was trying to find at least one con to tell you guys but each con I came up with was actually a pro in its own way. So let's roll on with the Pro's of these two little beauties. Price: you can purchases both of these products at Ulta or on their website for less than nine dollars each! That is crazy for a salon quality shampoo or conditioner. They smell like heaven in a bottle, and the scent lingers. I have also been loving their Argan Oil, the combination is divine. The shampoo creates a nice lather and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling similar to some of my hair masks. 
   After using these products for the past two weeks I have moved them into the holy grail spot. I have tried so many shampoo/conditioner combos from all different price ranges and I have never felt this way before. I sound like I want to marry them, can I do that?  After these run out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be running to Ulta to pick up more!

"Provides instant shine and UV protection for luminous hair and helps you create soft, silky styles, just like Cristophe! Exotic Argan and Monoi oils combine to soften hair and protect strands from styling damage and breakage. This lightweight salon formula smoothes the cuticle for glossy, shiny hair." -

Back to twirling my super silky shiny hair! ;)



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