Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    A few weeks ago I was having one of the worst weeks of my life. The one night I came home to a Sephora bag sitting on my vanity. Nick knew I was eyeing up this set for a while but didn't want to drop 70$ on it, and he bought it to cheer me up: buying a beauty addict beauty items is a sure way to her heart. I was extremely excited to try out this set, after all the hype who wouldn't??!
  I'm not going to go in crazy detail about this mask because I feel like everyone and their cousin has reviewed it and showed demos. So I am just going to briefly give my thoughts. These products are claimed miracle workers. The YouthMud claims to be a facial in a bottle: with tightening, exfoliation, added radiance, and more. And the SuperMud is supposed to fight all common skin conditions; in my case hormonal acne. Do these masks do everything they say they will do? Yes.
   Starting with the SuperMud, which is my favorite out of the two, I have been using this a spot treatment for a few weeks now and goodness does it work amazingly. I feel like that is the best way to use these masks, because they are so expensive, you will really get so many more uses out of them. My skin was noticeably clearer after 1-2 uses. I am in love. The set also came with a mini size of the YouthMud. This one again does everything it says it will. It wasn't my favorite because the tightening isn't something that if you aren't used to, it can be uncomfortable. I had nick try this out on his nose area and the results where crazy! I think he will get the most use out of this mask.
   Though I am completely thrilled about the results of these masks, the price just baffles me still. I usually don't wait so long to buy an item, but $70! I do think there are so many good masks out there that will give you similar if not the same results, for a much lesser cost to your wallet. In the end I probably will not repurchase, but I do think this is a product you should at least try once, just as a treat!

"GLAMGLOW’s Color Reversible GIFT SEXY contains both Award Winning GLAMGLOW® mud masks but also makes it easy for consumers to reverse their GLAMGLOW box to pink or blue depending on who they gift." -

What is your favorite face mask?

Glam Glow Mud // My Thoughts



  1. Nice I have tried both but not sure which one I like more lol

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  2. I was really hoping this would be a negative review, haha. I just can't resist them anymore!


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