Monday, July 7, 2014

   Last week I made a Sephora order just to get my hands on a sample of what I feel like is the most hyped up beauty product of the year: Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner! I hadn't watched too many reviews on the product but from what I had heard is you either loved this liner or hated it. So obviously I needed to see which side of the coin I was on.
   You can see in my full First Impression & Giveaway video my initial reaction and experience with the liner and today I am just going to briefly go into my thoughts after the fact. I have now worn this liner about five or six times so I feel I can give a better review on it.
   The first time I wore this liner my biggest concern was the "flaking" some others had experienced after a few hours of wear. I made sure to pay a decent amount of attention to that, I myself experienced absolutely NO flaking at all. Worn both over Urban Decay Primer Potion and a MAC Cream Color Base: and even a shadow with no primer at all. The first time I wore this liner I wore it for over 12 hours and I didn't have any issues with smudging and flaking or anything like that.
   The application was pretty easy the first time I used it, and I loved the way the wings turned out; very pin-up-esque. It glided on with ease. It did say that one click of product would have you covered for one eye, but each time I used this I ended up using 3 clicks. The color was gorgeous, a very thick creamy matte black that didn't loose intensity throughout the day.
  The two cons to this product that I can find is number one: the price. At 22$ I think it is a little high, I think at $18 or even $20 it would seem a bit more reasonable to me. And also the removal process, after spending $22 on the full size I do not think it is justifiable to splurge on an eyeliner remover that coordinates with the liner. But DAMN this stuff is a bugger to take off. Most liners come off with ease, but this one I had to double soak it in remover.
   Overall I really do love this liner, and I can see myself purchasing this with Birchbox points or if it ever goes on special. Maybe I will get more addicted to it and find myself splurging on it before one of those options. I would definitely try it out if you have an opportunity to, speaking of that: don't forget to check out my video for a chance to win a sample size of the product!

What do you think of this liner? Worth the hype?

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner ♡ First Impression & Giveaway!



  1. this looks so nice on you! I love the packaging

    Emma from

  2. Thanks for the review! I've been hesitating in buying it for myself (steep price is a bit of a deterrent) ! I might still give it a try though... Have you ever tried Vain Pursuits btw? I'd love to hear what you have to say abt them!

    1. Vain Pursuits? What are they about? The name sounds interesting!

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    I really like your lovely Blog. Do you want to follow each other via GFC?
    If yes please tell me and i follow you 100% back :)

    Greetings & Kisses from Germany


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